Strategies to Make Remote Working Work for you and Your Team

Working remotely has come as a challenge for many. Here’s what you can do to make the most of this remote working opportunity. Obviously, it requires us to be more productive and communicate better than before.

Use a team messaging app like Slack or Microsoft Teams

Get an official messaging app like Slack or Microsoft Teams for Live messaging with groups and individuals. Email is an amazing tool but it can be too formal– especially for quick questions and group conversations. Using a messaging app is a great way to keep a pulse on the team and share information rapidly.  Plus, you can see who’s online and working at their computer. They have loads of other handy features too.

Do a daily team huddle

This is a great habit to get into now that you can’t see everyone face to face at the office. The purpose of the huddle is to start the day on high energy and provide your team with the opportunity to see the smiling faces of those whom they will be working with all day. Everyone must turn on the video and use a headset. Make it fast-paced, punctual, and fun. We also invite team members to share the biggest wins, any stuck points and agenda of the day.

Use video

Try to have some more face to face interaction time. Instead of making the phone, consider making a video call every now and then. Using video for team meetings and one-on-ones increases trust, strengthens the social connection, and improves productivity.  When using video, be conscientious and consider what’s in the background. Always use a headset.

Take regular breaks and get outside

Sitting at a computer all day long isn’t good for your health and reduces productivity. Don’t forget to take regular breaks and step outside for some fresh air. Working off a laptop, gives you a lot of room for mobility. try different spaces to work on. A change of scenery can make a big difference. 

Have great meetings

Everyone misses the lively chit chat at the office. Although a team meeting can be a formal affair, make sure it’s lively and engaging. Have fun with it!  Try using a Zoom virtual background. At the same time, follow these best practices:

  • Have an agenda
  • Start and end on time
  • Be clear on the purpose/objectives
  • Send preparation items in advance

These small steps keep the team motivated and give a sense of belonging.