Steps you can take to increase Website conversions that really work

Once you have your website ready, you anticipate a lot of customer inquiries and business proposals. But is that not happening for you? Are you looking to improve your website conversion rate, but aren’t sure where to start or what a good rate would be?

Around 2-5% is a pretty decent conversion rate. If this is not what you are getting, it’s time to kick into action and work to improve your conversion rate. You need to hustle until you reach the desired rate.

Everyone keeps their conversion rate a top-secret and do not want to share it with their rivals. Even a small increase in your conversion rate can make a big difference to your bottom line. Here are a few tips you can follow to increase the conversion rates.

Offer a Money-Back Guarantee

You can reflect complete trust in your product buy adding a money-back guarantee to your website. Nothing attracts potential customers to make a purchase more than a deal that they are sure is guaranteed. Everyone claims to deliver the best service. Show faith in yours by offering a money-back guarantee.

Add Testimonials & Reviews

People consult reviews and testimonials to determine whether or not they trust a product, service, and even a seller. They also want to know what kind of service you offer, and they want to get an idea for what kind of experience they will have with your business. Therefore, they go looking for information about what others have had to say.

Now it’s important to place the testimonials and reviews strategically, so your visitors see them at just the right time. If you are providing a link to another reviewing site, make sure that it opens in a new tab. All the right information at the right time is what drives the sale home.

Catchy Headlines & CTAs

Catchy headlines and your CTAs are two of the most important things that make a viewer stop and take notice. If your headlines and CTAs are not interesting enough, people won’t bother to even read what is written next. There won’t be any clicks on the link to take the first step.

So it is vital to do A/B testing. It is a great tool to optimize the title of an article or blog post for metrics such as click-through, social shares, and other social media and user engagement metrics. You have to make sure you don’t test more than one thing at a time and also test it with a large enough audience to get unbiased results.

It is all about that click

Lay it easy on your customers. Don’t go asking for excruciating details the first time around. The first step people need to take to commit needs to be very easy. You might have them click on a simple yes or no answer (Were Ross and Rachel on a break?) or you might have them click to make choice between few options.

If the first step is too difficult, they are going to shy away and likely go click around on social media.

Make Sure Your Website Is Fast

Nothing is a bigger turn off than a website that takes ages to load. In the race to make your website most attractive do not end up with complex features that ultimately make your website load slowly. People do not enjoy waiting and that includes waiting on your website to load.

Along with driving away the customers, a sluggish website will get you a drop-down in Google ranking.

Boosting Website Conversions

Use all these tips and tricks to boost your website conversions, so you can start getting the payoffs you want. Focusing on making your website better and streamlining the processes will ensure your audience has a smooth user experience.