Kormo Jobs: Special Google app for entry-level job search

Google launched its jobs app, called Kormo Jobs, in India on 19-August-2020. This is done in the wake of a paradigm shift in the job industry due to ongoing pandemic. Google wants to offer a helping hand to millions looking for an entry-level role. From the business point of view, it is said that Google is in to further displace Microsoft’s LinkedIn.

Kormo Jobs was first introduced in Bangladesh in 2018 and later expanded to Indonesia the next year. Last year itself, Google sort of initiated the process in India too when it started the brand Jobs as a Spot on Google Pay app.

This got a huge response from a number of companies, including Zomato and Dunzo (a Bangalore-based startup it has invested in). The platform listed more than 2 million verified jobs. So Google is said to be rebranding the Jobs Spot on Google Pay as Kormo Jobs in India, one of its key overseas markets. Soon it will release its mobile app on Android.

Most users will benefit from open calls for entry-level roles, based on their proficiency, but they can also take advantage of other features of the Kormo Jobs app. A few of the key features are tools and tips to create CV and the option to learn new skills.

It does not end here. As quoted by Bickey Russell, regional manager and operations lead at Kormo Jobs, the company will constantly be looking for new horizons. That means more investment to get newer features and many more jobs.

“In the wake of the pandemic, the jobs landscape stands altered, with demand shifting to new services that require different sets of skills and experience. Businesses of all sizes face the challenges of the new normal, while job seekers are having to adapt to this shift quickly,” is what Russell wrote in a blog.

He also wrote about including important features like remote interviewing to ensure social distancing.

With the best intentions, this step illustrates Google’s interest in having a share of the job-related search queries. Initially, in 2017, the company launched a separate ‘jobs search’ search engine in the U.S. Pretty soon it expanded to several markets. Interestingly, Google also launched a virtual visiting card feature in India, earlier this month.

Google is bound to compete with other job portals, both global, like LinkedIn and indigenous ones, like Naukri, Shine and TimesJobs. It is expected of Google to reach in the competition soon by going beyond entry-level positions. Already Google has a huge user base of about 400 million in India.

In any case, any initiative that helps people find jobs of any kind is pretty welcome as unemployment figures are at record-high during the pandemic.